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In January , the Family Planning Association set up a fertility clinic for lesbians and gay men who want to have children [R1. In September , it was reported that infertile lesbians and single women nationwide would be entitled to state-paid fertility treatment under new rules about to be introduced [R1. Up until this time single women and lesbian couples have frequently been denied access to IVF procedures. In January , two High Court judges called for new legislation to cover the rights of fathers and children in cases involving artificial insemination after a sperm donor was refused access to the child despite a written contract [R2. This article has been invoked to grant asylum to lesbians and gay men in New Zealand [R1. See also: 3. Under the rules, all couples will have to prove they have living together in a genuine and stable partnership for 12 months or more at the time they lodge a permanent residency application [R2. In December , the NZ Government has announced that family reunion applications will be treated equally regardless of the gender of applicants [R2. Immigration law is subject to frequent change and you should consult a specialist immigration lawyer for the latest information. Effective March , the Government decided to amend the Residence Policy to align the provisions governing the recognition of same-sex de facto relationships with those applying to heterosexual de facto relationships [R2.

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Utilising our best research and resources you will find a link which will take you to your answer or further information. Q — Are we talking about Gender? The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. New Zealand statutory rape law is violated when an individual has sexual contact with a person under age

The new maximum jail term will be three years longer than it is under current laws. Youth in this age group don’t have too much to worry about, however.

Stuff reports :. A group of five young Bay of Plenty men have been spared convictions after pleading guilty to sexual contact with underage girls. Lawyers for the accused, aged 17 or 18 when the alleged offending occurred in the small town of Opotiki, were going to speak individually for their clients but Judge Louis Bidois proposed instead that they all appear at once during the packed courtroom sentencing on Thursday. Standing with her mother, she said she never considered herself a victim or felt she had been mistreated in any way.

Instead, she said the laying of the charges and enduring the police investigation had impacted her adversely. When he was going hunting on one occasion she told him to look after himself. She later spoke to him when he was on a ridgeline and had phone reception. She said police told her he needed to pay for what he had done, but she said she did not want that and wanted to hold onto the memories they created together.

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Accordingly you agree to accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under New Zealand law. You should be aware of relevant laws.

The ages of consent for sexual activity vary by jurisdiction across Australia , New Zealand and other parts of Oceania , ranging from age 15 to age The specific activity engaged in or the gender of its participants can also be affected by the law. Below is a discussion of the various laws dealing with this subject. The highlighted age refers to an age at or above which an individual can engage in unfettered sexual relations with another who is also at or above that age.

Close in age exceptions may exist and are noted when relevant. In Vanuatu the homosexual age of consent is set higher at 18, while the heterosexual age of consent is In all other places the age of consent is equal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. The below is a list of all jurisdictions in Oceania as listed in the list of sovereign states and dependent territories in Oceania.

Australia is a federation of States and Territories, with each State and Territory having the primary jurisdiction over age of consent issues within its territory. However, as a result of the international affairs power under Australia’s constitution, a United Nations Human Rights Committee ruling has resulted in States repealing rules that differentiated between homosexual and heterosexual people on age of consent issues.

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If they are under 16 years old. The law protects young people from older people who might be trying to take advantage of them. It is not intended to punish young people who are thinking about doing sexual stuff.

The New Zealand Maori Council was created by the Maori Welfare Act Māori worried that the law would result in further alienation of what land the Waitangi Tribunal was empowered to investigate Treaty claims dating back to

Married people and civil union partners are covered from the date of their marriage or civil union. If you were living as a de facto couple before your marriage or civil union, that time will be treated as if it were part of the marriage or civil union. In most cases, only people who have lived together in a de facto relationship for at least 3 years are covered unless there is a child involved or 1 partner has made a significant contribution to the relationship.

The court will look at many things when deciding whether 2 people are in a de facto relationship, including:. It’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer to find out if your relationship is covered. Back to top. This page was last updated: 4th March Skip to main content. Marriages and civil unions Married people and civil union partners are covered from the date of their marriage or civil union. De facto relationships In most cases, only people who have lived together in a de facto relationship for at least 3 years are covered unless there is a child involved or 1 partner has made a significant contribution to the relationship.

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Name suppression: How the uniquely Kiwi ‘hush hush policy’ became law and morphed over a century

We get frequent email enquiries from worried parents wondering what the safe legal age is for their child to do certain things in New Zealand. Or for more expert parenting advice check out our Grown ups: Parenting section. Hi, just wondering, at what age can a child sleep out in the sleepout?

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In New Zealand, spam is the generic term for any unrequested commercial emails, text messages or faxes yes, some businesses still have faxes! The problem in New Zealand is just as severe as internationally – Vodafone recently made the decision to shut down its email services after continued problems with high levels of spam. While no one wants to think of their email marketing efforts as spam, the reality is that you must have consent from your email recipients.

Consent can be obtained directly from the person you are emailing or can be assumed to a degree by the nature of your business and how relevant it is to the recipient. There’s no innocent until proven guilty here. To prove consent make sure the source is recorded when you collect it. To have express consent you will have asked them to register, usually online or in store for the specific message type.

Other terms used for express consent include Opt-In, sign- up, permission, registration etc.

Ages of consent in Oceania

You don’t have to do anything official when you separate from your partner, but a separation agreement or separation order can help to keep things clear. When you separate from your partner, you can make a separation agreement, or apply to the Family Court for a Separation Order if you want to. Separation agreements and orders. A separation agreement is the best option for most people who have children or property together. You can make the agreement yourselves, in writing or verbally it has to be written if it includes information about property you share.

It should include the date you agreed to separate.

The NZ law: Access to artificial insemination is granted to both single and lesbian couples, though public funds are Donor Conception (embryo, egg and sperm donation) in New Zealand How to find dates and use pregnant dating sites.

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The Faculty of Law offers a range of postgraduate qualifications, ranging from professional short courses to PhD programmes. Because of our location in the capital city, experts from government, the public and private sector, and visiting academics add diversity and depth to our postgraduate programme. Whether you study full time or part time, we want to make your study relevant, accessible and intellectually rewarding.

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